Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the very very long necklace... continued

After the last post, I made the leather clasp to cover the join. The leather piece is recycled from some product sample which I reclaimed from my big bag of fabric samples that were fished out of the bin. The clasp is simply wrapped around and has studs to join it so it can be taken off and the necklace changed about. I wanted to allow the possibility of the necklace being changeable to other forms later on if I get tired of the loop style I can plait it or crochet it or something. I'm happy with how the clasp turned out and the red looks great with the grey. If I get time, I'll make another one. I've got some green leather and blue grey too. And I've plenty of wool lying about of course!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

t-shirt reconstructions continued

I took one XL size t-shirt and started to pleat at one side and then tacked down the pleats. I'm happy with the fit but not yet happy with the sleeve or the bottom hem pleats. I'm going to take those out and will alter the neckline and maybe the sleeves again. Wait and see for more pictures...

the very very long necklace

So I was tired and unwell and it seemed like a good idea: just take a ball of nice wool cotton and keep knitting i-cord until the ball runs out.

And it was a good idea. It turned out really nice, it just took a while to knit.

I knit it up on 3.0mm needles in a flecked grey which gives it some interest in terms of texture. It measures over 10m long and I have been wearing it simply looped around like a coil of rope. I tried plaiting it but it ends up too thick and stiff with no movement. I'm planning on making a leather clasp to cover the knot at the back where I simply tied the two ends together. I've got a small scrap of deep red leather that will look great as the clasp.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I like to draw on t-shirts

Fabric markers are so fun & so easy to use! Who knew?! I took a grey marker and drew circles on a t-shirt for the Mr. and drew spots on a tank top for me. Both turned out great and the hand-drawn nature of the lines is evident and I think, quite charming as you can see. My tank top is cut down from a cheap t-shirt and the shoulder ties are the former sleeve hems (so I didn't have to sew anything!). Love it.

Happy circles

The Mr's Circled T


The shoulder ties

Waves of dots