Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Something I made a week ago...

Japanese cotton or linen fabric lining

Pinch clasp from Daiso

Chain & clasp


Grey cotton/linen blend thread (DMC Senso)

My own design for a simple clutch purse. Its roomy but not too large. The thread and fabric lining are both lovely so I wanted to show them off to best advantage. Its too nice to put dirty old money in though, its better as a makeup or evening purse. I'm very happy with how it turned out. I'd like to make a larger one as a clutch bag when I find a large enough clasp. Its nice to hold because of the texture of the linen/cotton crochet and the silky smooth cotton/linen (the lining fabric was a sample from a Japanese magazine, so I don't know what it is!). I keep wanting to take it with me everywhere. I really love this grey too, it makes me excessively happy just gazing at this colour.

Its Sunday Night and the place is a mess...

When I was a child I was fascinated by my mother's charm bracelet. It had little things that she had collected from all around the world on her travels: the Eiffel tower, a kiwi, a bell, a clog from Holland. I always wanted my own, but I'm not much of a bracelet wearing person. If I go out wearing a bracelet, I usually end up taking it off and stuffing it in my bag as it gets in the way! So my solution is the charm brooch. So, I haven't a wonderful story about travels to far away lands, but I do have built a collection of Alice-in-Wonderland inspired charms. So on Sunday night, while attempting to clean up my room, I made a brooch. I've the white rabbit, a sweet, keys, two birds on a perch, a duck and a heart with the Chinese character for double happiness on it. I'm very happy with it and have been wearing it all week and showing it to anyone who cares to see!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Birthday Gifts

Recently there were a few birthdays that needed handmade presents...

Beret from 'Cool Crocheted Hats' Dark blue acrylic/wool blend

Scarf from Mache' Magazine

Hat and Scarf - my own design

Light blue wool by Cleckheaton, Country Naturals (its nice!)

Ribbed beanie - my own design

Sophie models again!

'Spotlight Basics Entwine'

The beetroot bag finally finished!

The bag is lined with a dark denim which is hand sewn in

Bag pattern from 'Stitch n Bitch: The Happy Hooker'

Bag awaiting handles and trim

I cannot express how much I love this wool!
The colour!
The variation as I crochet!
Love Love!

Hat (my own design) and scarf from 'Stitch N Bitch: The Happy Hooker'

Two different colour lines were used for this scarf, a blue based one and a purple-based one

Detail of the ribbing on the hat band

The finished hat

Malacca Trip - Floors, Walls & Windows

The Portuguese/Dutch Church

The structure is made out of red volcanic rock brought to Malacca as ballast in ships

The granite gravestones against the wall of the sanctuary

Peranakan Wall Tiles

Peranakan Wall Tiles

Peranakan Wall Tiles

Peranakan Wall Tiles

Peranakan Floor Tiles

Peranakan Floor Tiles

Window at the Chinese Temple



Peranakan Floor Tiles

Window at the Chinese Temple

Window at the Chinese Temple

Window at the Chinese Temple

Window at the Chinese Temple

Old fashioned sliding shutters

Lotus motif window grille at the Chinese Temple

Walking around the old town of Malacca, there a lot of treasures beneath your feet in the form of Peranakan floor tiles and wall tiles. The temples were also interesting for their varied window grilles, mostly carved from stone or glazed ceramics. The Portuguese/Dutch church long fell into disrepair and is slowly falling apart but still commands a presence on top of the hill overlooking the Straits.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Malacca Trip - Birds & the Animals






Birds & Blossoms

More Cranes

Sheepy Goats

Goldfish! Butterfly?



Little Yellow Bird

I recently followed a group of students to the Malaysian city of Malacca for a study trip. Here are some of my photos of the little birds and the other animals that I spotted at various Chinese temples atop the rooves and at the base of columns.