Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Meet Lady Grey

A frequent balcony visitor of mine, Lady Jane Grey. Lady Grey and her husband Sir Thomas Grey drop by a few times a day to check if there might be food and to hang out. They spend hours grooming themselves and each other and napping. Last night they hung out until almost 8pm before flying home to roost. They were here first thing this morning, ever hopeful the concrete had materialised seeds.

Lady Grey is the perfect colour grey for a pigeon to my eyes. She's all lavender and pinky grey at the neck and light on the body. She has two black wing stripes which set off her grey nicely. She looks all cute and kind, but has been known to chase other female pigeons away (both from food and her Mr.).

Yet she is no where near as cantankerous as the Female pigeon currently going by the name of 'Beaks McGraw'. Beaks is the maddest, baddest female pigeon on the block. She takes on the boys and shows them who is boss. She gives them a right smacking and they stay away. I'd show you a picture, but she might smack me too.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Summer Knitting

How to wear the camisole: in the woods and slightly disheveled?

Front View of the Pattern

Progress on the Pattern

The Pattern is from a Japanese book called 'Tricotage de Lin'. As I can't read Japanese, I'm using the pattern as a guide only. I have worked out the measurements and number of stitches, so I can make it fit the schematic diagram. However, I decided I'd like slightly thicker straps than the ones shown. The pattern also calls for crocheted straps and trim, but I'm going to knit the straps in, then trim them like the neckline. I'm using some cheap acrylic to try out the shape and my modifications, but if it turns out nice I'll make another one in bamboo or linen. Those should also drape nicer than the acrylic, which is a bit stiff and maybe too warm, but not unwearable. We shall see!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Of Birthdays & Happy Things

I just had a significant sort of birthday. A goal evaluation and re-setting sort of birthday. I celebrated quietly and went back to working on my essays. But today I got myself my birthday present: a Singer SewHandy Model 20 Sewing Machine. It came with its original box and instructional booklet. The booklet is copyright 1953, so I guess the machine is of a similar age. I saw it in an antique shop and it was love at first sight.

(Teapot is for comparative size)

With its Box, Booklet and Packet of Needles (empty, but original)

Yes, I will want to sew on lace, and ric rac

And of course children should learn how to make proper seams

The introduction concludes with this comment: 'You'll want to take your machine with you on vacations with the family, weekend visits with friends, and finally to college. Ever ready for mending or making a simple garment.'

Yes, I might just want to take this little beauty everywhere. Its really light (despite being a rather solid chunk of metal) and you never know when you have to do some emergency shirring or pin-tucking.

As far as I can tell it is in working order with all the necessary moving parts moving. But I will have to thread it up to see.

I think it needs a name...