Friday, February 8, 2013

Earth Meets Sky

My annual journey back home provided much inspiration in terms of colour and texture.  I plan to develop some of these colours in my dyeing work and the textures perhaps in some other projects.

Blue Hydrangeas in the evening garden take on the hue of the sky. The colour seems almost limit-less.

Sunrise over the great desert that is Australia's centre. The glow was so much more orange that my camera could cope with. It was like peach icecream.
The airplane was quiet as everyone else was sleeping. I snuck up the shades to take a picture. Its strange to think of the earth below rotating as we fly over it in the atmosphere. 

A little beetle I met. He was such amazing colours - reds and greens and yellows.

This little pond is a coppery green owing to the mineral content of the water. The pond was full of ducks and little fish.

Recycled brick pathways have always been a favourite of mine. This one was multi-hued red to orange and almost green. The day was warm so the path was radiating heat.

The farm-scape near where I live. The old fields follow the undulations of the land. The new fields follow the circle of the irrigation spray. A multitude of crop colours, mostly veggies or grazing. The white fields are probably poppies grown for medicine.

Sometimes you look out the window on the plane and see strange and beautiful cloud formations. 

The night sky at my parent's house is so dark you can see the stars. Here is Orion's belt.

The Bridestowe Lavender farm was extraordinary. The colour of the lavender complemented the purple of the mountains and the red of the soil. And it smelt wonderful.

Shadow of a woolen lace shawl I saw at the Tasmanian Wool Centre at Ross, Tasmania. I also brought some beautiful handspun undyed black wool there. They also have a wool museum where you can touch different microns of wool and see some of the world record breaking long staples from different sheep.

This yellow lichen never fails to amaze me with its colour. This is growing on a 150 year old gatepost in Oatlands, Tasmania.

The deep dark sky fades to light cloud. I am reminded of Hiroshi Sugimoto's amazingly beautiful scarves for Hermes when I see this. 

The shallows of the bay make strange forms.