Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Reduce Reuse Recycle: Wear

The 'D' Ring Belt Loops & Belt

The Belt helps to control the 'floofiness' though the skirt can float away if left unattended

How I'm wearing it: with grey tights, black singlet & cardigan, grey scarf and purple shoes (everything goes with purple shoes)

I finished the bag skirt on the weekend and it turned out just nice. It is floofy and in just the right way. The lining didn't work out as it made it stick out too much, so I'm just wearing it un-lined with tights. I used the 'D' rings of the bag straps for the belt loops which gives it a more utilitarian feel. The lining from two bags was reduced down to 4 rectangles which I sewed together and pleated at one edge before sewing the housing and adding the elastic. The belt is made of the two long base pieces of the bag. The outer lining I will make into another skirt later on. Its currently hibernating in a state of semi-finished-ness. I will be using the zippers and straps for that skirt and that may be a little more experimental...

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