Friday, January 15, 2010

Knitted Jacket

I just started on this pattern from a pattern book called Linea Pura No2. by Lana Grossa.

I'm knitting my jacket from a nice cheerful teal green that I brought ages ago. Its an 8ply from Panda called 'Woolbale' that I'm not sure if they still make in that colour. The pattern uses cotton, but I had 10 balls of wool, so I thought I'd use that. Hopefully that will be enough! I scaled the pattern down too as it didn't have a small size, so hopefully that will also mean I use less wool and have just enough. Otherwise I'll probably end up with slightly shorter sleeves or narrower sleeves (as they are a loose fit).

Its a very simple pattern that gets its interest from the detailing at the collar and sleeves. The texture comes from using two pieces of wool held together on large size needles in contrast to the single thickness, small needle, main body of the jacket.

I'm already planning on how I'm going to wear this jacket. Obviously living in a tropical country will curtail its use outdoors somewhat, but i think with a singlet underneath it might be okay in air-conditioning!

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