Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Summer Knitting

How to wear the camisole: in the woods and slightly disheveled?

Front View of the Pattern

Progress on the Pattern

The Pattern is from a Japanese book called 'Tricotage de Lin'. As I can't read Japanese, I'm using the pattern as a guide only. I have worked out the measurements and number of stitches, so I can make it fit the schematic diagram. However, I decided I'd like slightly thicker straps than the ones shown. The pattern also calls for crocheted straps and trim, but I'm going to knit the straps in, then trim them like the neckline. I'm using some cheap acrylic to try out the shape and my modifications, but if it turns out nice I'll make another one in bamboo or linen. Those should also drape nicer than the acrylic, which is a bit stiff and maybe too warm, but not unwearable. We shall see!

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