Saturday, October 8, 2011

Some October Birds

We have had some feathery visitors these past few days and I'd like to share some of them with you.

Today I saw a turquoise coloured Kingfisher, two Hawks and a elegant white Heron, but I didn't get a chance to take time...

Green Pigeon surveying the neighbourhood.

I spy with my little and white birdy tries to hide from me!

Next door's garden looks tasty...

New mystery bird! I think it might be an Oriental Magpie Robin - nice clear picture here. The site also has some lovely pictures of other Singapore birds (much nicer, clearer photos than mine!).

Zebra Dove getting stuck into the grass seeds..

A family of four came to graze in the garden...I was so happy I couldn't talk!

Four in one flowerpot - they were all tucking into the grass seeds. So much cuteness at once!

I'm spotted! But they didn't care, just kept on eating. (I was sneaking behind the curtain to take the photo, the four of them were just a metre away!).

Today I saw a bird-catcher in the street. I hope he didn't get any of my little friends. These guys come around and put seeds out and a little wire trap and the birds leg gets caught in the trap while they eat. The guys then grab the birds and take them away to sell them in the market as pets. Poor birdies!

(Though when I looked, all the pigeons and doves in the neighbourhood were perched on my neighbour's roof watching the bird-catcher! I think they knew to keep well away!)

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