Sunday, November 27, 2011

Banded Woodpecker (Picus miniaceus)

This little fellow, the Banded Woodpecker, hopped around the tree outside my office window for several minutes, pecking away. (He's on the right fork of the tree on the right-hand side perched on a little bump in the branch, about 1/3 and 1/3 from the top right corner, if you can't see him!). He was stunning. Deep maroon red with a bright yellow crest on his head and neck. But I didn't have my camera with me, only my phone, so this is the best I could do. 

This is to give you some idea of the woodpecker's lovely-ness. My woodpecker (yes mine!) though appeared to have a much bigger and much yellower crest than this one. Perhaps its a boy bird/girl bird thing., the boys tend to be prettier!

According to my bird book (New Holland Field Guide to the Birds of South-East Asia) these fellows like broad-leaved evergreen forests in lower altitudes and are quite common. Though my office hardly qualifies as a forest (though my files do get untidy sometimes!), the campus is quite green and has many large trees. Apparently both boys and girls have crests but the girls are more brown than red, so I think my woodpecker must have been a boy. I hope he returns when I have my proper camera with me!

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