Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March Making

I thought I'd share some things I've made recently. Though I've been sick, when I've had the energy I've been making all sorts of things.

 I've been busy making baby vests. I'm stockpiling them in case there is an onslaught of babies soon.

 Actually I just really like making them as they are quick to make and I get to play with colours and stripes. My jogless stripe knitting in the round is getting pretty good now.

 I made a bag out of two remnants I picked up in the fabric store in Montreal. Total cost for this bag is CDN $2.00 plus some black thread. The outside is a crunchy sort of vinyl and the inside is a lovely cotton.

 I like the lining as it gives some excitement to what is otherwise a very plain bag. I'm considering turning up the edge of the front flap so that the lining shows a bit to make the bag less plain.

 The nice thing about making your own bags is you can decide exactly how long the shoulder strap should be. 

 I tried making a crocheted shoulder bag before I attempted the sewn one but a few days into it I realised that I didn't like it. I'm going to undo it and try again.

 I made a tunic top from the Japanese book 'Drape Drape 3'. The pattern is very simple - just two pieces and has a really nice drape to it. The lace has a slight stretch and is slippery so I had to sew the front and back pieces and the neckline by hand first as I couldn't pin it. I then zig zag stitched it together with a jersey needle on the sewing machine.

 I assure you it looks less like a Kaftan when worn on a human. Its actually quite stylish.

 This dress I made from a jersey knit pillowcase (for an extra long pillow) from Muji. The dress is just a simple rectangle and I unpicked along the seams for armholes and a head-hole. I then reinforced the edges where I had unpicked by handsewing some stay stitches. I left the neckline and armholes unfinished.

I wear it with tights and a belt. I like stripes!

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