Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A preoccupation with light

Back in December (yes, a while ago!) I went to Malaysia for a short holiday. The resort had a golf course, and even though I know nothing about golf, I found the place inspiring. Every afternoon there was a short storm and in the morning the light over the course was amazing.

The rough texture of the road.

The colourful lichen growing on the palm trees.

The morning light through peach curtains with the tree behind.

The tree shadows on the wall in the morning light.

The wet grey colour of the road contrasted with the yellow crossing after a storm.

Dew and misty morning light over the golf course.

The speedbump after the rain.

The late afternoon blue sky with dark cypresses reminded me of van Gogh.

I love the footprints to tell you which side is for pedestrians and which side is for golf buggies!

If I could paint, I'd paint this scene. To the left a storm is brewing and to the right colourful golfers converse seemingly oblivious.

Moss! A rare sight in Singapore!

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