Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Birthday Gifts

Recently there were a few birthdays that needed handmade presents...

Beret from 'Cool Crocheted Hats' Dark blue acrylic/wool blend

Scarf from Mache' Magazine

Hat and Scarf - my own design

Light blue wool by Cleckheaton, Country Naturals (its nice!)

Ribbed beanie - my own design

Sophie models again!

'Spotlight Basics Entwine'

The beetroot bag finally finished!

The bag is lined with a dark denim which is hand sewn in

Bag pattern from 'Stitch n Bitch: The Happy Hooker'

Bag awaiting handles and trim

I cannot express how much I love this wool!
The colour!
The variation as I crochet!
Love Love!

Hat (my own design) and scarf from 'Stitch N Bitch: The Happy Hooker'

Two different colour lines were used for this scarf, a blue based one and a purple-based one

Detail of the ribbing on the hat band

The finished hat


  1. Very nice!!! I'm not sure how you can crochet in this kind of hot weather. I'm relegating crochet to Munich where it is snowing regularly now.

    Meanwhile, it's sewing for me!!!

    I wonder who you're giving those to...???

  2. am enjoying my bag and have not overloaded it yet

  3. Kat, I can crochet just fine, I just can't wear them!

    Mama - glad to hear you have not overloaded the bag, I hope it will last you for a few summers yet!