Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Its Sunday Night and the place is a mess...

When I was a child I was fascinated by my mother's charm bracelet. It had little things that she had collected from all around the world on her travels: the Eiffel tower, a kiwi, a bell, a clog from Holland. I always wanted my own, but I'm not much of a bracelet wearing person. If I go out wearing a bracelet, I usually end up taking it off and stuffing it in my bag as it gets in the way! So my solution is the charm brooch. So, I haven't a wonderful story about travels to far away lands, but I do have built a collection of Alice-in-Wonderland inspired charms. So on Sunday night, while attempting to clean up my room, I made a brooch. I've the white rabbit, a sweet, keys, two birds on a perch, a duck and a heart with the Chinese character for double happiness on it. I'm very happy with it and have been wearing it all week and showing it to anyone who cares to see!

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