Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Craft Goodies!

As Missus D was leaving she bestowed upon me a bounty of beads, wire and fastenings for making jewelery. This I plan to do soon, I think the little pink bows would make a very nice Christmas present for a few little girls I know (I just need to find some time!). There are a lot of beads though that wont go very far though, as I'm going to make them into some nice things for me!

Missus D was also kind enough to gift me one of her brooches, which is rather cute. I think its Japanese fabric and I really like the button in the centre. It goes nicely with lots of things (hint, hint!), you may want to check out her shop to get your own or maybe one for a friend? :) Its nearly Christmas...

My friend Mein was busy at MAAD (Market of Artists And Designers) recently with her letter press which I got to try on this vintage sketchbook.

I love the quality of the letter press print, the depth of the press really adds another dimension to the image.

A cacophony of greys


I think I brought this because it reminds me of a dress I wore as a very small child

The full Malacca bounty: beads, thread, clasps & cotton

I also forgot to post my Malacca Trip booty. We crafty colleagues chanced upon a couple of craft shops in Malacca and very nearly didn't make it back to the bus! There were many fabric shops, a beads and general crafting shop and a fabulous stationery shop all in the same street near to the Majestic Hotel which is a gorgeous place (and they serve nice cake, and have a really good dayspa!!). I managed to find three different shades of grey crochet thread (of course!), some beads (also grey!), antique brass coloured clasps and some cute cotton fabric.

Now, I just need to find a scrap of time somewhere...

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