Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Why I don't post every day, or every week for that matter...

Photocopy art

Blue Eggshell I found on my way to my office

My work is often very busy, but is also a source of inspiration. Though most days don't leave me time to sit down, let alone make things, I'm still constantly thinking of new ideas and finding new possibilities in that which surrounds me. Having 5 minutes after doing some photocopying, I considered the possibility of the photocopier in front of me. After experimenting over a few sheets, I found I was able to create multiple mirror images, stretch text and make things disappear. The potential for this machine of the office, is exciting. Then there was the eggshell I found on my way from the carpark to my office. The colour is so beautiful, so bright and so lovely. The colour alone is inspiration enough to want to get to making things. Which brings me to the busyness. Below was my yesterday for contemplation:

6:40 wake up, prise eyes open, get ready for work
7:56 leave for work
8:30 arrive at work, pick up eggshell
8:35 photograph eggshell while waiting for computer to start up
8:40-8:50 check emails
8:50 Roll call for critique, arrange furniture, take attendance again (88 students, takes a while)
9-11:20 Critique
11:20-11:35 answer students questions
11:35-11:45 run upstairs to eat lunch, answer questions about crochet from my collegue
1150 - Roll call for critique again, take attendance again
12- 2:10 Critique
2:10-2:20 check emails again, photograph students work for web
2:20 Roll call for critique again! talk to students
2:30 - 4:20 Critique
4:20-4:50 answer students questions
4:50 - 6:15 reply to all those emails, imput attendance data into system
6:20 finally leave work, only to be stuck in a traffic jam
7:15 arrive home, wash up, chuck bag inside, greet husband
7:25 leave for dinner appointment (luckily just around the corner)
7:30 - 10:15 dinner at friends place
10:20 head home, get ready for sleep
10:30 fall asleep pretty much instantaneously!

wake up, repeat.

(for those of you who don't know, critique is what we have in design school in place of exams - students have time to present their work to a panel of lecturers and guests from practice who examine the student's designs and the students have to explain their work)

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