Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Birds who visited

Scaly-Breasted Munia in flight

Scaly-Breasted Munia eating grass seeds. It has a beautifully patterned belly.

Scarlet-Backed Flower Pecker from the back. It has a red tail tip.

Scarlet-Backed Flower Pecker from the front. It has a red head and a grey-white belly. In this photo he is looking at me!

Scarlet again

Two Pink-Necked Green Pigeons. View of their yellow and green speckled backsides!

The boy is the one with the rosy pink neck while the girl is the more green one. Yes, they saw me to.

A picture of the girl.

A picture of the boy. After this point it is not decent to show pictures because the pigeons had a private loving moment in the tree!

A Collared or Sacred Kingfisher. The whole underside of the belly and beak are creamy white while the top is a deep dark blue. It has a really loud distinctive call.

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