Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Scarflets of Grey and Linen Things

I just brought Tricotage de Lin (see pictures here) which is a Knit & Crochet book published byAttention Japanese Products(!). Its really nice. The linen they use to make everything is really nice. The photos are really nice and the finished products look really nice. The company also has a really nice web catalogue of perfect people wearing perfect clothing living perfect lives (yes, really!)

I made a scarf (one of a set of three) from the book and it turned out really nice. I wear it as a necklace substitute.

Set of two scarves in Rowan Lenpur Linen (Linen/Viscose)

As a necklace

Original pattern image with my scarves (second one is not finished the same as the pattern as I ran out of linen!)

Shell textured shawl, a possible future make

Definitely going to make these coasters

And the real reason I brought the book - these socks! Aren't they fabulous?

I dreamt about this camisole top last night. I think its a sign.

The cover

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