Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gingham Skirt

The idea for this project started 2-3 years ago with this issue of Cotton Friend magazine:

On the cover was this cute gingham check skirt

But it used a large gingham check instead of the usual smaller one. I thought, at the time that It was nice and I'd like to make one. Then promptly moved on to other projects. Then I was finishing the quilt and decided to back it in gingham, not having enough of the smaller check I brought some more of a larger check. Then when I finished I had about 40cm left of the gingham pieces. I decided to try making a skirt from a gathered rectangle or two inspired by something I saw on Craftster. So I gathered the two rectangles and made a band out of an old tshirt. I was going to put the two checks together, making one stick out below the other, but then I decided I didn't like that idea and backed the skirt in calico instead. The waistband is sewn so the skirt is reversible. Here it is:

The tshirt waistband means I don't have to do an elastic waist. Sweet! (and comfy)
The calico lining looked a bit bare:

Then I was mucking around with some paint, fabric, and a paper doily:

It looked nice so I decided to try the same on the calico:

So I stenciled doily resist patterns around the bottom of the skirt using grey fabric paint and a brush:

And I love it! Two skirts in one! Saves wardrobe space! I'm going to do this again!

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