Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Of Green and Blue

Though the blogging has been quiet, I've still been making. And as you can see by the photos I'm clearly going through a green & blue phase. They are nice calming colours for my stressful busy life at the moment.

I finally finished the Knitted Jacket which I started back in January. It had a short hiatus for a month or two (when I got tired of it) but I finished it in June:

Hem detail. The three rows of K1P1 ribs weren't enough to keep the hem down, so I also added a couple of rows of single crochet worked in crab stitch (backwards). This did the trick.

The double thickness neckline made with two strands held together.

I really like how the collar turned out. I actually hated this jacket for a while (as often happens after you are closely involved with something for too long) but now I love it. I'm going to wear it with a slim fit long sleeved t-shirt underneath.

The finished jacket. I made the sleeves about half as wide as the pattern requested and didn't do the garter stitch band. I made up one sleeve first and it just looked too big and silly on me (like I was wearing someone else's jacket). So I had to rip it out and try it again a few times. I also just finished the sleeves the same way as the jacket with the K1P1 ribs. The sleeves are still a wide fit, even at half the width (plus I have very stick-like arms, so I didn't want to make my arms look even thinner by making big sleeves!)

Also finished: a scarf and matching hat. This is made of very lovely chunky wool which is from Jaeger (and is probably discontinued as I heard they were sold/brought over or something).

The hat pattern is from 'Cool Crocheted Hats' and I just did one less set of shell pattern to compensate for the chunky wool (and my small head!)

The scarf uses the same (well, similar) shell pattern, I just made this up as I went along. I think it turned out nice. Its kinda leafy.

The Mr. also needed a hat and scarf set. For him I made this out of a really soft cashmere/silk/merino blend. It feels amazing.

Both the hat and scarf are my own patterns. The puff stitch gives the hat a little texture and shape as the Mr. has a very square flat sort of head and it needed to be rounded out a bit.

The Mr's set. You can see from this photo that the hat looks really bunchy, but it actually sits flat on the head. Please appreciate this, as it took me about 4 goes to make this hat just perfect!

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