Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chroma Chronos I-VI

A while back I posted about a project I was working on, dyeing postcards with tea and matching them with my naturally dyed wools. It was actually for an exhibition called Pameran Poskad which I took part in. The exhibition was held from the 17th April to the 01 May here in Singapore. Anyone could take part so I decided that since it was my new year's resolution to make some art, I would take part. The exhibition was interesting and gathered a huge response from artists from different places around the world. You can see some pictures at the website of works submitted. It was nice for me as a 'little' person to participate with all the 'grown up' artists. And to my surprise I sold 3 of my works! Woo! I'm a selling artist! Hee hee!

Here's what my works were about:
Chroma Chronos was a set of works about time and colour (hence the name chroma=colour, chronos=time (yes its deliberately mis-spelt to emphasis the link between the two)). I wanted to reflect the process, the hidden dimension of the work, which is the time. Each of the four colours on each postcard took up to 2 weeks to develop, meaning that the total time spent for each postcard was up to 8-9 weeks. This is not fast art, not the quick and dirty colour of the inkjet printer, digital photography and the instant download, but the slow, painstaking (and often frustrating) art of time. With time comes colour. The two are tied together. Time itself breathes into these works. The works are circular to reflect the nature of the clocks which rule our days, hands going around and around and around. The circles also stem from my preoccupation with geometry and philosophy (but I wont bore you with that too!). Without further ado, I present Chroma Chronos I-VI:

Someone brought this one

And someone brought this one too

Someone brought the small yellow one too!

Chroma Chronos I - VI

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