Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Laptop Bag

I had some scraps leftover from the quilt. Not much, a bundle of 5-10cm wide and 30-40cm long strips. I was tired one day and felt like sewing so I started to sew them together. After sewing together a few it occurred to me that the strips were just wide enough and there were just enough of them to make a laptop bag. So I did, using the leftover snippets of quilt batting to pad it out and stitching it together with yellow thread.

The reversible-ness gives me two different colour sets the 'red/brown' and the 'blue/green'. With the 'blue' side out the 'red' interior shows

The back of the 'blue side'

The front of the 'blue side'

The front of the 'red' side


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