Monday, August 20, 2012

A little garden

 I brought some beans at the supermarket. I thought I'd have a go at sprouting them. I placed 6 on damp paper towel and waited. First one sprouted, then another. Then nothing! The other four didn't spout at all after 2 weeks. Then the second one stopped growing and the first one took off like a rocket. I think it must have been watching the Olympics!

After a few short days of growing roots, it started to spout up. In one day alone it grew about 2 inches!

It grew so fast I had to rush out and buy some potting mix for it. It now has a nice view out the window and is stretching towards the sunshine. Today it grew about an inch and in the last 2 days it has sprouted three new leaves. I don't know if it will ever grow beans but its so fun to watch that I don't mind. Its so satisfying to see things grow. Its also kinda magical that things grow at all, all I did was add water! By the way, his name is Bean.

One of my colleagues was slowly killing this nice Staghorn Fern so I took it home. Since I took it home and nursed it back to health its grown 7 new leaves and is looking decidedly perky. I've named him Planty in honour of My Milk Toof's pet plant. Sadly, some little bugs are eating the dry bits of Planty, so I have to spray him with some organic pest-killer (hope it doesn't hurt him!).

While I was at the nursery getting soil for Bean, we brought 3 other plants: A basil, a rosemary and a chilli padi. So now we have a little garden. So far we are calling them Bas, Rose and Paddy, not very original, but I think they should have names.

 So far they look happy. I'm planning on putting some of them in a pie soon! (But don't tell them, they might get scared!). They smell soooo good!

Inspired by Hermine's avocado growing adventures I decided to try my own. Out of 5 that I had in water, so far one has leaves. Three didn't make it after 3 months so I was left with two. The first one sprouted but has been growing very very slowly. The second one has grown roots and is now busy making leaves. I've got another pot ready for him once he grows a little taller. His name is Avi (short for Avicenna, after the philosopher). The other one is called Ave (short for Averroes).

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