Monday, August 20, 2012

Pies (and some bread)

Since what I can eat has been fairly limited, I've been experimenting with cooking more. I was craving a nice pie so I did some searching and testing and came up with a passable wheat & egg-free shortcrust pastry.

The first experiment was a sweet pumpkin pie. This one was so good it disappeared in about 3 days. The filling is pumpkin, cinnamon, coconut milk and condensed milk. 

 Then I thought I'd try a dark chocolate pie. This one has about 200g of melted 70% dark chocolate and 300ml of whipped cream. I used the skills I learnt while watching Emmanuel Mollois on Poh's Kitchen to ensure I didn't melt the cream with the hot chocolate. Specifically I was inspired by this beauty of chocolate goodness. I didn't add any sugar to the filling so you really taste the bitter dark chocolate instead of sugar. That way you can eat a larger slice!

I tried making 100% rye bread. It tasted great but my stomach didn't like it. Though I really enjoyed making bread. I used Yoke Mardewi's book for instructions (though I didn't make sourdough) and adapted them for 100% rye. I hope to make a bread that my stomach likes one day. I really miss bread. Grilled cheese sandwiches are just so nice!

I adapted my shortcrust pastry to use as a base for a cheesecake. I added 1/3 almond meal to give the base some texture as I think cheesecake bases are good with texture. The filling is cream cheese, cream, lemon juice, blueberries and about 1/3 cup of icing sugar. This really was delicious!

I've been dreaming of more pie fillings every since I made the first pie. I want to try a savoury pie next. Something with cheese and spinach perhaps...

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