Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bird Paparazzi!

These two were cleaning their beaks on the chain link fence after a meal of rambutan from the tree in the neighbour's garden. Despite hanging out together and having their mid-afternoon snack dates, the two are subtly different. One has a red beak, the other an orange beak. One is all green, the other has grey and black cheeks. There is also another variation that stops by for rambutans with a longer tail. All are lovely, though a little noisy when they fight over rambutan real estate in the early morning!

The one with the red beak is a female Rose-ringed parakeet while the one with the orange beak may be a male grey-headed parakeet. He looks more like a juvenile grey-headed parakeet but he has the wrong colour beak! Looks like some birdy romance is going on!

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