Monday, June 22, 2009


The top two pictures are those taken shortly after dyeing. The bottom two pictures show the same pieces months later (top left and top row of the images).

Images of some more of my previous dye experiments. These were dyed with blueberries and different mordants were added. The more red had vinegar in the mix, while the more blue had some alum in the mix. Colour differences probably also come from where the fabric was above the juice a bit. They were cold processed in the fridge for a week or more in glass bottles of the liquid. Each length of fabric was wrapped around a plastic straw to keep it flat and the colour penetration even. The problem with these colours is that they faded pretty dramatically. The rich pink here is a pale shadow of its former self. So it seems the colour is not fast. Even though I have stored the fabrics in a dark box, they still faded. Its a great pity, as it was such a beautiful colour. I'm yet to find a good way to extract and then keep colour from berries and fruits bright.

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