Sunday, September 6, 2009


Sophie the sheep models the yellow organic wool hat

details of the yellow hat

leaf-inspired pattern on the sides of the hat

back view of the hat on Sophie the sheep

Sophie the sheep models the brown beanie

closeup of the puff stitches on the sides of the beanie

Sophie models the brown beanie

Two hats I completed recently. The yellow one is my own design, imagined as I was going along, while the brown one is from the book 'Cool Crocheted Hats'. Both were fast to make, only about 3 hours in front of the TV, which, as I was also watching TV, probably equates to 1.5 hours work.

The brown is a wool/acrylic blend which isn't too hot for this tropical weather, while the yellow is an organically dyed 100% wool (yes I know I can make that myself, but it was lovely and I couldn't resist buying it!). I love the yellow colour, but it looks kinda bad next to my skin. It may find its way to another owner in due time. The brown wool is a new favourite though. I usually prefer 'natural' fibres, but this is a really good blend. Time will tell how it ages/wears and washes though. I've already knitted a scarf in it since I made this hat and due to its semi-chunky weight, it knits up nice and quick. I might buy another ball to knit the beloved Mr a hat as he has expressed a liking for mine.

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