Saturday, September 26, 2009


Recycled paper notebook

Red embroidery thread

Front cover. The cover flaps are sewn in to give extra strength to the front & back covers

Notebooks for the un-recognised animal super-hero lurking within us...

My alter-ego: The Squealing Squirrel

5-hole stitched spines with the cotton thread

I've enjoyed making my own notebooks and journals since secondary school. Recently I decided to run a workshop for my students and thought a little practice may be in order. Here are the results of my endeavours.

The recycled paper notebook was made from paper from a Tasmanian lady named Joanna Gair. The cover paper has an autumn leaf sandwiched between two layers of paper. I was saving this piece for something special where its leafy beauty can be seen and appreciated, so the notebook is a perfect way to show it off.

The other notebook covers are watercolour paper (160gsm) with some letraset transfer lettering on the covers left over from my architecture student days. I used crochet cotton to stitch the notebooks. Paper inside is a 120gsm pastel paper so its good for drawing and stapling dye samples to.

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