Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fabric Necklaces

The construction industry is very wasteful. Samples of products are ordered, arrive, are used or simply sit around and are then thrown away when they get out of date (which is often).

This necklace is made out of curtain fabric which was a sample piece being thrown away from a design office. My quick-thinking friend saved me a whole bag of fabric samples. This is my first 'sample' necklace. Squares of polyester net with knit cotton strap. Black back-stitched together. Recycling can be pretty too.

Left over from my three rectangle jacket, this striped fabric asked only that I cut it into strips and knot it together. Simple but nice.

Even the underside of this knit fabric looks great. Stripes make me happy too. Recycling is fun. I'm going to do some more...

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