Tuesday, February 2, 2010

T-Shirt Reconstructions

I've recently been going through a phase of weekend reconstruction madness. My latest love has been reconstructing old t-shirts into dresses, new t-shirts and a jacket. For the most part this has worked excellently well and I'm enjoying my 'new' wardrobe. Some of these t-shirts were new t-shirts and some were old ones that were too big for me. The up-cycling of goods makes sense to me as a way to stem consumption & waste. This process gives new life to old t-shirts and adds value to cheap over-sized t-shirts that would be otherwise worn and discarded. I like the idea of perpetually re-making things into new items and keeping renewing their value and potential usage.

Two 2 t-shirt jacket

How I'm wearing it: with matching necklace & blue t-shirt

Necklace detail

This necklace is a prototype for future necklaces

2 Grey t-shirts joined to make a dress, one striped and one plain. A happy harmony of greys!

2 t-shirts to make a dress: small beige t-shirt from Topshop, large black t-shirt from Uniqlo with my socking necklace. Skirt inspired by this dress.

T-shirt brooch made from remnants

Reconstructed over-sized t-shirt to a fitted 3/4 sleeve t-shirt with matching brooch and vintage black necklace

Detail of the screen printing (done by Lasalle students) and the boat-neckline

Reconstructed t-shirt with double stitched scoop neckline

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