Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I picked up this piece of grey woolen fabric at a factory outlet in Melbourne and the beige linen is from a Muji pillowcase. This skirt really is a rectangle, with linen on the inside and wool on the outside. I draped and folded it around myself to find the optimum angle for the drape and chalked it out and sewed it. The top is fastened with studs. I was going to make it reversible but I didn't like the beige on my skin-tone and the wool would be very scratchy against the skin. I'm very happy with the combination of textures and colours and being grey, it goes nicely with pretty much everything else in my wardrobe. Thus continues my fascination for the colour grey and its friends beige and black.

The whole skirt with its asymmetrical hemline

The linen flap drapes over the wool when worn

Stitching and fabric detail - I'm getting better at sewing straight!

The side seam and studs - normally hidden under the fold flap

Detail of the studs - the first time I've used studs and it worked out nicely

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