Monday, February 21, 2011

Bird Watching

We finally got some interesting bird action here last month when what looked like a Hawk came and sat on the opposite building at sunset. Unfortunately the light was fading and it was starting to snow, so we didn't get a clear look.

But from the photo you can see the bird has a short probably hooked beak and a white breast and underside of tail.

Then about a month later I looked out the window to see another big brown bird sitting on another building, surveying the terrain. Not a pigeon was to be seen.

I managed to snap this photo just as it was taking flight. It has a huge wingspan and is really amazing to see in flight. It flew almost past my window :)

Then today I looked up and saw the bird again!

Today we had plenty of action as a Crow tried to scare it off by dive bombing and sweeping past really close.

But the Hawk didn't care. He just watched the crow nonchalantly fly past. The Hawk sat there happily looking around for at least 45 minutes before he flew off. A few minutes later I saw a large number of crows flying really sporadically much further down the street. I think it must have been the Hawk causing a ruckus.

I wonder if it is the same bird. I've read though this list at the Hawk Migration Association of North America and can't work out what it is. It looks like the Red-tailed Hawk, apparently the most common one in North America.

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