Tuesday, February 22, 2011


It's been cold here, but not too cold as long as you have plenty of knitwear (which, surprise surprise, I do!)

There have been a couple of good snowflake falls but my camera doesn't like to photograph very small white things

But you can see how delicate and lovely the snowflakes have been

We've had some magnificent ice-formations on our windows too

And a very cold door-handle to the balcony

I love the early mornings on cold days how the air hangs over the St Laurence River and all the building thermostats are working very hard to keep it lovely and warm indoors

Sunset through foggy windows reflecting off the building opposite made it glow and amazing orange colour

Clear blue skies in winter makes it seem so much better. This was the moon in the daytime a week ago

What happens when the snowflakes don't fall on my windowsill where I can photograph them...

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