Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Greys

Sir Thomas: Oooh, can we eat it?
Lady Jane: Get out of the photo! I'm trying to pose here!

Lady Jane: I want to look slimmer than the last photo

Lady Jane: And taller. Slimmer and taller. That's it.
Sir Thomas: Nope, no food. (Walks off in disgust).

And I am pleased to report that her Ladyship and the good Sir have been coming individually to my balcony this week. Normally they are always together. There can only be one conclusion: they are nesting! Yes folks, somewhere nearby are a couple of eggs or chicks that the Greys are anxiously watching over. I think they are first time parents, cause they are much later than the McGraws, who already have teenage chicks this spring. I wonder what the Grey's chicks will look like? So exciting to wait and see. I think it should be about 4-6 weeks before they can fly enough to follow their parents to visit me :)

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