Monday, May 23, 2011

A Weaving Sampler

I've started weaving lessons with Colette and wove up 3 yards of sampler on a 4 shaft table loom. At first my selvedges were wonky and my patterns uneven (I kept forgetting where I was in the sequence of lifting one up and pressing another down!). But by the end of the 3 yards I was feeling pretty good. I tried out a bunch of different things and experimented with some bits of wool I had around and my favourite bamboo viscose. The warp was a linen/cotton blend and I also used this for the first 1.5 or so yards of the weft.

My nice wonky beginnings.

Trying out some colours and diamond patterns. This is the wool left over from the Mr's warm winter hat.

This is with a bamboo viscose weft. It has a nice sheen and turns out really soft. I am really happy with this. It would make a lovely soft drapey shawl.

Zigzags - I love!

The whole 3 yards.

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