Monday, February 6, 2012

My little sister married her prince charming

Just under a month ago my little sister got married in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. I think they are called the Blue Mountains because they appear blue from a distance.

 She let me be a bridesmaid. I got to wear my vintage silver sandals (given to me by one of my great aunts - the sandals date from the 1970s and were given to me in their original box!) and carry a pretty bouquet. My bouquet had white and purple flowers in it, so pretty! I couldn't bring my flowers back, so I gave them to one of my other great aunts to enjoy.

 The bride had beautiful flowers too with interesting pod-like things in the centre. The soft roses were so beautiful, though they didn't really have a smell. I always think its a pity when flowers look nice but don't smell like they look!

 The wedding cake was made by a family friend of the bride and groom. It was chocolate with white chocolate on the outside. Even though I can't eat flour, I had some for supper! It was good.

 The wedding dinner was held in a large dining hall overlooking the valley below. I 'love' the decorations!

 The dinner continued and the champagne flowed into the night and everyone had a good time!

Even the local wildlife got into the party mode. Here a fly is snacking on a bit of wedding cake!

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