Monday, February 6, 2012

Travels around New South Wales

 The Mr and I were in Sydney for a few hours. The beautiful old arcades were still decorated from Christmas. It was quite magical.

In another arcade: we went to hunt out some coffee and do some window shopping. I accidently brought a dress from MARCS. They sometimes have cute things.

 The Mr and I took the train up into the mountains to a town called Leura. One of the first things we saw to welcome us was living Christmas Tree topped with a White Cockatoo! 

 One of our Christmas presents was to stay here for a night. The guest house was a beautiful old timber house with wide verandahs and a garden. The interiors were furnished in the style of the house. 

 The view out the window of our room onto the garden.

 Some amazing foliage. It was summer too, so the trees are always this colour.

 Another Cockatoo. They were perched on the power lines opposite the restaurant we were having dinner at. I was wondering why they were all congregating there until I saw this:

 They were all queuing up to drink out of the fountain outside the restaurant! 

After our brief holiday of one day, we arrived in our destination: Portland. A small town of approx 2000 people in the middle of  nowhere. This is where my sister lives. A complete contrast to where I live: 5 million people crowded into a small 700square km island which is bustling and busy 24/7.

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