Monday, February 6, 2012

Old Friends

I thought you might like to meet some old friends of mine.

This is Elizabeth. She was my mums bear when she was a child. Elizabeth is now eligible for a senior's card. She has a worn out nose and tattered paws. Her dress is handmade and is decorated with rick-rack trim. Apparently she likes a quiet life, you can't talk too loudly around her as it hurts her ears - or so my mum says...Her nose is falling off and her ears are getting worryingly loose! Evidence of lots of love.

This is Turtle. He was my favourite toy when I was little. He is wearing a patchwork coat because his body is falling apart and his stuffing is coming out. My mum made him for me for my first Christmas. He has a little tail that I used to chew on when I was teething. The tail has been re-attached a few times cause I bit it off! Evidence of lots of love. 

Turtle is probably my most treasured possession. He's irreplaceable and one of a kind. A little bundle of worn out fabric and stuffing with felt eyes and a cotton cord tail. Funny how value is placed isn't it? 

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