Thursday, July 23, 2009

More spying on the birds (and them spying back at me!)

The Black-Naped Oriole spies me...

but continues eating...

Red Breasted Parakeet also sees me... (but doesn't care)

The House Sparrow spies me

The Yellow Bellied Sunbird (Olive-Backed Sunbird) spies me too...

but rambutan is more interesting than me...

Mystery bird likes to hang out at sunrise and sunset...

and fight with the Asian Glossy Starling correction: Asian Koel. The spotted is the female and the black is the male.

Red Bellied Parakeet is back for an evening feed

So is the Long-Tailed Parakeet correction: Rose-ringed Parakeet

The Asian Glossy Starling is never far away correction: Male Asian Koel

The backside of a Spotted Dove who was strutting his stuff on the branch

The nicer view of the Spotted Dove

Probably the Brown Shrike, with its Zorro face banding... correction: yellow vented bulbul

Yup, he's spotted me too...

Out of about 200 pictures, these are the only decent ones. That's the thing about photographing birds, they don't like to stay still, and once they spot you, they are off! These are the variety of species that visit this one large Rambutan tree during a day or two. Usually at evening and morning there are about 3 different species feasting at the one time.


  1. Must be your early bird training, especially all those birds on the Yeloow Waters cruise at Kakadu and in Broome