Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mud into Wonderful

Coil Constructed Bowl

Coil Constructed Cup

Plate made from a polystyrene tray-mould with crochet motifs pressed into wet clay

Plate moulded from polystyrene tray-mould with crochet motifs and large leaf pressed into wet clay surface

The set of bowls and cup (smaller bowl was pinch made) with their two tone colour blues

The plates, same two tone blues, but different dipping times has made them different tones

The whole set. The dark blue is called Namako Blue. It is a colour with a lot of depth and differing tonality. The colour ranges from a brown green to a white blue depending on the amount of glaze applied and the dripping, firing etc. Apparently this is a glaze of Japanese origin developed in the Meiji Era. I think its gorgeous. The light blue has very little blue pigment in it, I think it is because was an old glaze and has been used a lot already. I've glazed some more of my smaller objects and hope to collect them soon if they have been fired. I will put pictures up when I get them back.

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