Sunday, July 5, 2009

What I have been up to recently...

Grey Organic Cotton Baby Booties with Rabbit Buttons

Linen Acrylic Blend Cushion Cover on Grey Felt Backing

Pattern Picture for tatted Doily

The Work in progress, rounds 1 and 2

Beetroot Brooch for Spacious

Bamboo Yarn and Ceramic Bead Necklace

Bamboo and Beads

Knitted Hat (my own adapted pattern)

Crocheted Matching Flower

Closeup of Necklace

Orange Wooden Bead and Plastic Gold Bead Necklace on Suede

Pooch sleeping on fabric I'm trying to sew with!

As usual, I have been up to an amazing plethora of activities ranging from crocheting cushion covers, hand sewing clothing, crocheting little baby booties, making necklaces, tatting my first doily and reading books about Strads (the violins). I've also dried some mangosteen hulls to use for dyes at a later date, washed some fabric ready for sewing and been working on a crocheted dress.

Another project has been a barter trade system with friends, trading handmade for handmade like. So far I'm the proud owner of some little clouds from mein (can also find mein here) traded for three crochet necklaces and a happy recipient of a homemade apple and raisin pie traded for a knitted beanie with matching flower (shown above).

And I've been missing my little craft helper, who liked to sleep on my fabric while I am trying to arrange pattern pieces or freak me out by narrowly missing standing on a pin! He also enjoyed walking across my crochet squares and through piles of yarn and kicking them all over the place!

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