Sunday, May 31, 2009

I like tat

I can go to a store and buy a piece of lace for $2 or I can spend a week making my own by hand. Naturally I choose the more difficult way, I make by hand.

I've been long fascinated by lace and wanted to learn how to make it myself. There are several ways to make lace. You can knit it, crochet it, tat it, make it with a bobbin and you can knot it. When I spied classes to learn how to tat lace, I signed up. That was March and since then I've completed my first project, a simple bookmark for my grandma.

Tatting turned out to be not too difficult once I got the over-under part right. I'm in love with the process and can't wait to try more. I brought a book to learn some more patterns and will go for another class but here are the results and process of my first project.

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