Thursday, May 7, 2009

When did we stop drawing?

I stumbled upon Mo Willems and his mission to get adults drawing again and I'm inspired. I used to draw all the time, every day. I drew everything from trees and birds (mostly birds!) to animals, scenes and people. I drew buildings and streets and maps. Now I tend to draw squares and circles and triangles in patterns when I'm stuck in an interminably long meeting and my life is being sucked away. I enjoy drawing and I love pencils, so why aren't I drawing more often? Have I too been hit with the curse of the mature adult that Mo talks about - drawing is for kids only?

Ps: Mo draws birds too - check out his Pigeon it is incredibly gorgeous and wonderful. I also have the urge to print out this flock of birds on really large paper for my wall. I'm off to the library now to see if they have his books!


  1. Elle elle, your blog is so sweet!
    Will keep browsing in future.