Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Boys...

Some of you may be wondering how Chubbs is dealing with his life as a widower. The news is that he has been taking it easy and just enjoying spending time with his kids. The other day Chubbs brought the kids over for a snack.

Chubbs the dutiful dad looks on while the youngsters stuff themselves. Notice the youngsters eat so fast the camera can't capture their heads. They learnt this from their parents - the quicker you eat, the more you get. Both Beaky and Chubbs were masters at the 'hit and run' eating method. Chubbs now prefers a quieter take on things. Though what this photo doesn't show is that seconds before Chubbs was stuffing his chops too...

A gratuitous photo of the beauty of the Chubbs. That is one handsome pigeon.

Mr Grey showing how its done. I didn't think pigeons would venture into containers to eat. I was wrong. Mr Grey pretty much climbed in to get the seeds!

Mr Grey cannot be trusted if the door is left open. He is one of the few pigeons that will invite himself in. Here he is caught on camera sneaking in. He has learnt that I keep the jar of seeds under that chair and if the door is open will go in to see if I left the jar open by accident. Who said pigeons are not smart?

While I work on my project for school, Mr Grey waits patiently on the windowsill. Sometimes I will ignore him for 5 hours and he just sits there waiting. Occasionally he will fly off to stretch his wings or stand up and walk back and forth in front of me to make sure I notice him. But mostly he sits quietly and waits. For he knows a patient bird is rewarded. Mrs Grey has not been seen in days, I think she is sitting on a nest :)


  1. ooooh, I love that 3th picture so much. :-) Wished I had a mister gray at my windowsill.

  2. Pigeons are quite easy to lure. Just get some sunflower seeds (raw, no salt) and leave them on your windowsill...