Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On things knitted...

A few things knitted in the past few months that I haven't yet posted.

The Kermit Skirt was begun when there was still snow on the ground. I had plans for this to be a nice houndstooth-pocketed number. But then I ran out of green wool! I had just enough wool to make the pockets, but not enough to sew them on. I tried to sew them on with the grey wool but it looked bad so I took them off. So now I have two pockets with nowhere to go. Of course I could buy more green wool, but it seems silly to buy a whole ball of wool to sew on two pockets. I'd need only a small amount. So for now I just wear the skirt without the pockets.

Nice pocket!

I made this skirt on circular needles so I wouldn't have to sew up side seams. It worked out perfectly and it makes the skirt more comfortable.

I love the elastic waistband for comfort purposes but if I made this again I would not follow the pattern here. The double layer of knitted fabric to make the pocket for the elastic adds so much bulk to the waist of the skirt. And seriously, who wants more bulk at their waist?

Knitted necklace. Made from soft lovely bamboo viscose and brass findings. One is heavy the other light so it makes for an interesting necklace.

Vest for a little baby boy. The mama said 'no blue' because everyone was giving her blue things for the baby. I was happy to oblige with a daffodil colour scheme: creamy yellow and spring green.

Vest for a baby girl. Bright pink and green. Cause little girls should get to wear colours other than pale pink.

Knitted scarflet for my nanna. Soft kid mohair in cherry red. The 'halo' of the mohair makes it hard to photograph but lovely to wear.

Buttoned 'cowl' style

The buttons allow it to be worn in two ways - as a circle or cowl and as a collar.

Buttoned 'collar' style.


  1. Love your knittings. That skirt looks really comfortable. And it looks amazing with that pattern pocket on it.

  2. Thanks! I really love the pocket too...I should buy more green wool to sew it on...