Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Little Shopping

When the Mr and I went on a holiday to Boston I did a little shopping. Here's what I brought:

We went to Ben and Jerry's in Vermont on the way and stopped for some icecream and a tour. The icecream was really good. We had to stop again on the way home. The Mr and I got stylish matching tie-dye t-shirts.

Icecream Cone Measuring Spoons. Cause Icecream is nice. This is not from Ben and Jerrys, but brought in Boston.

Clock Door Handles from Anthropologie. I'm going to put these on a bathroom cabinet.

More door handles. These will go on another bathroom cabinet.

Necklace from the ICA shop. The galleries were well curated and the exhibitions interesting. The tilted window out over the bay is a strange experience.

Tree Necklace from the Harvard Museum of Natural History. Fascinating museum and the exhibit of glass flowers was amazing.

Cute striped skirt with lots of buttons from Urban Outfitters on sale for $10. Couldn't sew it for that (not that I can make buttonholes yet anyway - I'm too scared to try the buttonhole attachment on my machine after a nasty experience where I jammed my machine while trying to use the buttonholer...)

I don't know what I love more. The buttons or the stripes! AND it has pockets! Skirt happiness.

I like to buy interesting yarn on holidays. 2 Balls of Bamboo/Soy viscose, a skein of Organic cotton boucle and a ball of Woolen tweed. I'm going to try weaving a really nice dishtowel with the cotton. The tweed will be something for the Mr. The bamboo/soy will become a little cardigan for me.

A cardigan with pears on it. Cause I love pears.

A new toiletries bag, because I've had my old one since about 1994 and its not in such nice shape.

I try not to shop excessively, but its nice to do a bit of recreational shopping when on holidays. My rule now for buying things is to only buy things I cannot make myself...mostly I stick to my rule. Honest.