Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chubbs has a new girl!

After a mourning period of approx 2 weeks, Chubbs has found a new wife to replace the magnificent Beaky. The new girl is almost identical to Beaky in that she is also all black and exhibits a plucky attitude. She also grunted at me! I've named her Bella, cause she is beautiful.

Chubbs brings Bella in for a visit. Chubbs is on the left, he has one spot of white on his back.

Bella is not yet brave enough to eat out of my hand, but picked up the bits Chubbs dropped. Chubbs is not really one to share food, so he must really like Bella. Normally he chases all other pigeons away (sometimes this even includes his own kids!).

Side by side they gobble up seeds as fast as their beaks can manage. Oh yes, Bella has an appetite!

Chubbs, Bella and the two kids, Spotty and Ariel.

Two days ago I saw Chubbs with a large twig in his beak. I think it was a gift for Bella who must be building her nest upstairs somewhere. This can only mean...more chicks are on the way!

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