Monday, June 6, 2011

Rest in Peace Beaky

The Mr and I went to Boston for a short holiday. I fed Beaky on the morning I left but I haven't seen her since I got back. All the other usual suspects have been back: Chubbs, Spotty, Ariel, Mrs Grey, Mr Grey, Impostor Mr Grey and Miss Greenstring. But no Beaky. I can only assume that 5 days was too long for her to go without food and she really couldn't eat without my help. I was hoping that Chubbs would feed her, but I guess pigeons don't do that. I guess it was inevitable- she would have died in August after I left anyway. But I would have liked to imagine her dying of a grand old age surrounded by dozens of offspring. Yet I take comfort in knowing I gave her 6 more weeks and she saw her latest batch of chicks grow into independent adults. And when I see Spotty and Ariel they remind me of her. They have her fearless attitude and strength and both have the makings of alpha-pigeons somewhere in the future, just like their mama. These are the last pictures I have of Beaky, she's just eaten and is wondering if she should have some more or fly off into that lovely blue sky.

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